Frequently Asked Questions


What is your kill ratio?

We do not actually track kill statistics. It is impossible to gauge the experience of each and every hunter that visits us. Some smoke in the tree, which we discourage, some sleep, some spend the entire time on the phone,  some get down and walk around, which is prohibited,etc We have a great number of return guests who have been with us for several years, some of which harvest does only, some kill every year, some wait for the 180 + inch buck they seen the year prior. So it is impossible to get an accurate percentage. If you don't see deer, something is wrong, bout as simple as that. Our area is well documented on the size and numbers of deer. Our minimum is 130 inches. That's about a 17 inch wide 8 pointer with decent mass.


What kind of stands do you use?

We use custom built ladder stands, brand name ladder stands, ground blinds, climbers, and latch ons. We use whatever you prefer to sit in, and whatever it takes to get a shot at a mature buck.


What are your prices?

They are on the hunts and prices page, click here.


What does semi-guided mean?

We pair our experienced guides with 3 - 4 hunters. Once paired, you will be with that guide and group for the entirety of your hunt. Your guide will take you to your stand each day, retrieve your kill, position you accordingly, meaning move you as needed based on weather, wind, movement, etc, and pick you up each day. Our guides do not sit with you, so be prepared to size a buck pretty quick, minimum 130 inch. We own and lease 12 farms so we have the flexibility to move as needed based on the aforementioned factors.


What kind of room will I have?

Our lodge can house 24 comfortably. We limit our hunts to 16 hunters. We consider 16 a full house. We usually put a group of four to a bedroom, because that is the most common number of hunters visiting together. If you come alone, you could have a bedroom to yourself if conditions permit. We have rooms designated as husband-wife rooms. We have three bathrooms, with enclosed toilets and showers. Meals are all buffet style, and prepared in the lodge. Our lodge is very clean and comfortable.


How many hunters do you have?

16 hunters is considered a full house, and we average around 50 - 90 hunters per year. We rotate our farms, so that pressure is as minimal as possible.


What kind of land do you hunt?

We own and lease cropland, CRP land, woodlands, creek bottom lands. Our diverse habitat is the strength of our part of the country. Our bucks have abundant access to food and water, and abundant access to excellent cover.


Do you process deer?

Our guides will clean your deer for a small fee of $25. You can use our shed, with electric winches and running water, to clean your deer if you choose. We have a freezer to store your meat and mount until you are ready to depart.


Do you have a trophy fee?

No. There are no extra fees, everything is covered in the hunt price. Meals, sodas, water, tea, sweets, etc. We hope you kill the next state, world record while hunting with us.


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