We decided to make our lodge an alcohol free establishment. We did this in order to protect our staff, our guests and you.  We want you to be able to enjoy your hunt and stay, in the safest manner possible. Quiet time begins each night at 10:00 pm. We hope it is your goal to spend your time with us in the woods, and we want you to be well rested and ready when the buck you've dreamed of makes his presence. 


It is our goal to make sure we harvest mature deer. Presently, we have an 8 point, 17 inch width ( outside ) limit in place. It is our goal to harvest 130+ class, mature bucks.  We do not send guides to the stand with hunter's unless requested, so be prepared to size up an animal quickly. We impose a $500 fine for any animal not meeting these specifications.


Harvesting a button buck results in a $100 fine. We encourage the harvesting of does, each hunter purchasing a Kentucky tag is allowed one antlered deer and one antler-less deer, but we need you to be certain that doe is not actually a yearling buck. 


We ask that you respect other hunters and treat them as you would be treated, and respect the judgment of our guides, who we promise are working for you.


Loaded firearms are PROHIBITED inside the Lodge. We have a range to sight your weapon.


Walking is PROHIBITED. We have our stands placed or trees selected that give you the best opportunity to harvest a trophy buck.  Walking places you in danger from other hunter's, creates scent issues, and possibly places in you a state of trespassing, and simply will not be tolerated. We are stand hunter's, and this will continue to be our policy. A hunter found to be walking will forfeit his right to continue to hunt. Cell phone reception is adequate on all our properties and when you harvest an animal, we ask you call your guide and allow your guide to retrieve your animal.


All hunters will be asked to sign a liability release PRIOR to hunting that includes the walking clause.